H&M Home Has Gone Dark and Mysterious for Fall 2014


by Kelly Anne Bonner If we had to define "atmospheric" in terms of decor, we would suggest some black walls, a few smoky candles, mixes of dark grays and copper to set the scene—oh, and the new H&M home collection for fall 2014. The line for the upcoming season, which features an array of items as just described, speak to the murky, more mysterious side of decor, playing in well to the shortening days and lengthening nights of the months ahead. Take a peek at how you can go shadowy and moody for fall with H&M's new pieces. Time to get shady (in a good way):

All images via H&M

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dark pillows

There were quite a few sets of pillowcases we were feeling in this line, but none struck our eyes quite like the dark gray stripes, checks, and leather quilted ones which borrowed from fashion oh-so-well. Checkered Cushion Cover, H&M, $17.95. Quilted Cushion Cover, H&M, $17.95.
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printed vases and baskets

Printed vases and baskets with geometric shapes add a hint of detail to otherwise neutral pieces, which complement dark shades nicely. Metal Container, H&M, $4.95. Storage Basket, H&M, $14.95.
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velvet and fox

Crushed velvet with tassels and a printed fox plate add just a tad of drama to ordinary pieces—perfect for a new fall look. Velvet Cushion Cover, H&M, $17.95. Porcelain Plate, H&M, $6.95.
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pretty tea lights

A set of pretty tea light holders in glinting coppers and silvers are a bright little addition to cold and cozy autumn evenings. Tea Light Holder, H&M, $4.95.
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