Here's Why You Should Paint Your Ceiling Black


I've written before about why you should paint your walls black. With the right decorative touches, the moody hue can make a room feel warm and inviting. This year I am back with more black and this time it is going on your ceiling. If you aren’t ready to paint all four walls, painting your ceiling black is the next best thing. It’s bold, unexpected, sexy, and daring. If you still need convincing, here are ten reasons why you should paint your ceiling black.

1. Emphasize contrast in a room 

black ceiling white accents

Source: Mark Tuckey

2. Highlight an unusual trim

black ceiling colorful accents

Source: 47 Park Avenue

3. Make a high ceiling look lower

black ceiling with wallpaper

Source: Kelly Wearstler

4. Make a low ceiling look taller

black ceiling with patterned wallpaper

Source: Domino

5. Add drama

black ceiling in the kitchen

Source: Country Living

6. Complete a room with black and white walls

black ceiling in bathroom

Source: My Paradissi

7. Conceal an uneven ceiling

black ceiling black and white bathroom

Source: HGTV

8. Close off a room with black walls

black ceiling black brick walls

Source: Brit+Co

9. Define an area

black ceiling industrial kitchen

Source: Remodelista

10. Draw attention to a view

What do you think? Would you consider painting your ceilings black?

About the author: Jacqueline Palmer of A Design Lifestyle is an independent blogger and designer sharing her style with a growing worldwide audience. Jacqueline has worked with companies like Mode, Target, and Trulia. As a young creative business owner redefining design, she is captivating the industry.

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