Here's Why the Wall Street Journal is Calling NousDecor "The Dream Team"


When we discovered recently that one of our design project clients was actually testing our service for a Wall Street Journal article about online interior design, you can imagine we felt a flood of different emotions. Yes, nerves were included, but we also felt proud and excited, given that the solution we put together for the reporter's bedroom was quite beautiful (if we do say so ourselves). And thankfully, the reporter, New York resident Julie Lasky, agreed! 

Lasky began her review by deeming our in-house team of designers "The Dream Team." She then went on to detail some of the reasons she loved her experience with us. She wrote of the process, "Once we approved the layout, we received three design schemes. One in particular was a masterly blend of our styles, acknowledging both my love of decorative pattern and Ernest’s Scandinavian affinities." 

We were thrilled to hear this because this is always one of our goals when more than one person lives in the space we're designing. It can be tricky to combine different styles, but then again, very few of us describe our taste as purely one defined style. Instead, most of us have a favorite style that pulls from different aesthetics, resulting in a signature look that's uniquely ours. So in essence, every design project comes with the challenge of getting the look just right.

Lasky also praised our digital renderings, which you can see above. Every NousDecor project includes renderings, or as we call them, "Digital Design Mockups." We use them to give our clients a sense for what their space will look like with new furnishings, and they're much more effective than a Pinterest board or mood board. 

In the case of Lasky's design, the Digital Design Mockup helped illustrate what the space would look like with one wall adorned with gorgeous temporary wallpaper. As Lasky put it, "The blue-gray color of the ornamental wallpaper made it seem less feminine, and its rich hue, as well as gold accents throughout the room, complemented our dark furniture." And we couldn't agree more!

You can read Lasky's complete review here. We look forward to bringing the look to life with her, and hope to share final "After" photos with you all when the project's complete.

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