Heavy Metal


Some of coolest cutlery we’ve ever seen has been storming our feeds lately, and we could not be happier for it. While kitchen pieces such as tea kettles and mixing bowls are standard go-to decorating objects, silverware has always been overlooked and lacking in any kind of dynamic design (always the bridesmaid...). Here we give three cheers for creative cutlery, a completely unexpected place to send the spotlight and shake things up for your next dinner party (or to add to your list of ideas for kitchen decor). Your utensils drawer won't know what hit it.

Image via design*sponge

tea set twist

The gorgeous florals you’re used to seeing on vintage tea sets overlaid on your forks and knives both runs counter to expectations and makes one wonder why no one has ever thought to do this before. By ceramic artist Mel Robson.

Image via designboom

falling leaf

This spoon’s stunning leaf-shape design is elegant and elevates the utensil into a pure work of art. The attention to detail in subtle color shifts and its lovingly-sculpted curvature marries the form with its function. We don’t even know if we could eat with it, but we do know we need to have it. By Shuhei Senda from Japan.

Image via Coroflot

in the fade

Ombré touches down in the world of kitchen design, and we have been admiring ever since. Here, the graceful fade from blue to white is complemented by the clean, balanced unbroken line around the edge of the knife. This is the kind of knife we’d never stop using. By Jinwoo Han.

Image via Anthropologie

midas touch

Silverware dipped in gold? How figuratively (and literally) brilliant. The two shiny metallics never looked so good.

Image via Anthropologie

over the rainbow

This whimsical set of knives in perfectly-curated colors is just what you need to add a splash of fun in your dinnerware. The dishes can go neutral; it’s this set of cutlery’s time to shine.

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woodland creatures

Sometimes you spot something so imaginative and inventive, it’s hard to even talk about it without failing to capture the full scope of its effects. This is one such set of cutlery. These three pieces break the mold of our conception of silverware, surprising us out of our sense of the normal and leaving a delightful impression as swift as the tiny animals cut into its surface. We would go on, but we’d rather go on admiring. Via Dutch Design Week.

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