DIY Glitter Champagne Flutes


Looking for a festive way to cheer up a holiday party, or to add a classy modern decor accent to any Christmas table? We've got a lovely set of DIY glitter champagne flutes for your fancy. As always, they are insanely easy to make and look like a million bucks (the glitter might help for that end). We made these for our upcoming launch party (!), but we think having these on reserve is always a good idea for any special impromptu celebration. Without further ado:


The tools you need to make your own glitter champagne flutes (from top):

1) Champagne flutes

2) Elmer's glue

3) Various glitter colors

4) Tape

5) Paintbrush

step one

Begin by taping in the area you'd like to glitter. We created a pointed shape into the glass with ours, but we feel free to be creative if you're so inclined!

We created an diagonal for the first piece of tape.

Then we used a second piece of tape to create the inverted "V" shape.

step two

Then, put glue in the spot you'd like the glitter. We made ours from below the tape to the base of the glass.

step three

Take the paintbrush and brush the glue onto the glass, creating a smooth coat of glue around the flute.

step four

Then, coat the glass with glitter until the glitter is as even as possible and covers the flute.

glitter champagne flute 8

step five

After setting aside to dry (we recommend letting them sit for an least an hour), carefully remove the tape.

glitter champagne flute 10

And you're done! We imagine they'd make lovely Christmas gifts for New Year's or for a bridal party. (Hint hint. You're welcome!).

glitter champagne flute 11

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