DIY Glass and Candle Halloween Centerpiece


We're back, as promised, with a gorgeous DIY Halloween centerpiece that is not only cost-effective, but so, so simple to make. Start your Halloween decorating off right with this—one of those dining room centerpiece ideas that's elegant and not too theme-y. The wrapped mason jars are reminiscent of mummies, while the spindly candles blooming out of the long vials are downright spooky and skeletal.

centerpiece 29


The tools you need to make a DIY Glass and Candle Halloween Centerpiece (clockwise from top): 1) Long candles 2) Some pretty bottles 3) Burlap for the table runner 4) A set of spiderweb placemats 5) Tape 6) Tealights 7) Mason jars of varying sizes 8) Gauze

centerpiece 1

centerpiece 2

centerpiece 4

step one

Begin by wrapping the mason jars in gauze. Use tape to start, but we found the gauze sticky enough to stay without using tape at the end.

centerpiece 3

centerpiece 5

centerpiece 6

centerpiece 8

step two

Then, unfurl the burlap runner across the table, cutting it when necessary.    

centerpiece 10

centerpiece 11

centerpiece 12

step three

Put the placemats in the center of the runner.

centerpiece 13

step four

Then, place the bottles in the center of the placemats.

centerpiece 14

centerpiece 15

step five

Arrange the mason jars across the placemats in between the mason jars. Be sure to pay attention to the sizes of the mason jars—one of our designers swears by only pairing objects of differing sizes.

centerpiece 16

centerpiece 17

centerpiece 19

step six

Place the tealights in the mason jars.  

centerpiece 20

centerpiece 21

step seven

Place the long candles inside the bottle necks. If they are too thick, try twisting until enough wax shaves off to get it in (like sharpening a crayon).

centerpiece 23

step eight

Finally, light the candles.  

centerpiece 24

centerpiece 25

centerpiece 27

centerpiece 29  

step nine

And you're done! The best part is how the glow gets more lovely (and eerie) as the sun sets. Happy almost Halloween, folks! Get ready for the next part in our series of  how to throw the best, nousDECOR-approved Halloween party next week!

centerpiece 31

centerpiece 32

centerpiece 26

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