Garden Variety


In the kitchen, in the entryway, at your desk—there's no denying the charm of a wayward plant or two sneaking its way inside. Provided the area has exposure to natural light, a variety of plants can be the perfect calming accent to a room, especially one with lots of activity. What's wonderful about flora is that it can be incorporated in an assortment of interesting ways in rooms throughout the house. We hope we've planted a seed in you about the stylish decor that is indoor gardening—just be careful about going plant-crazy, or it might start looking like a jungle in there. Use these examples as the ultimate illustrations of discretion: Image via scandinavia design.

inside and out

We love these indoor plants stationed near a desk, only separated from its outdoor brethren by a pane of glass. The addition of glass cloches to the mix sparks interest as well. Inspiration Image via Emily Henderson.

outdoor potting

What better way to bring the outdoors in than to explicitly use outdoor potting? The clay pots and metal canister work wonders next to this kitchen sink. Inspiration Image via Her Library Adventures.

zen entryway

Simple candles, stacks of books and a serene statue play perfectly with calming plant life. Inspiration Image via Emily A. Clark.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, garden decor can provide bursts of color and life in the entryway. These plant varieties erupting from their sconces provide a great can't-miss accent. Inspiration Image via Amazon.


We love this garden takeover of chic geometric shelving—and the fact that no two plants are alike. Inspiration Image via scandinavia design.


Where better is a garden placed than in the living room, where it can provide a stunning accent to your most-seen decor? We absolutely adore this space which utilizes stone and sand palettes aside plant life for an earthy feel. Inspiration Image via decoist.

taking root

Last but not least, we appreciate that this corner carved in a bay window is dedicated to a fresh, garden-like space—we know how difficult it is to sacrifice that beloved area in the home. Then again—what else would be more fitting to take root? Inspiration Image via Design*Sponge.

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