All Fun and Games: Tour Lumosity’s Playful New HQ


It should come as no surprise that an app known for brilliant mind-bending games would house itself in an office just as engaging. Lumosity, a San Francisco-based company that recently unveiled its new HQ at the historic 140 New Montgomery building, prides itself on the open, social atmosphere it encourages in its employees—and its new redesign makes this objective all the more apparent.

The 36,000 square foot space designed by Bay-Area based firm Geremia Design is no doubt a hub of collaboration and creativity. Large, open workspaces and gathering areas are the emphasis, but there are places to have quite moments alone, too. But don't take our word for it—check out the new offices after the jump, and get inspired by the playful spaces of the company that develops one-of-a-kind brain games:

open and inviting

Open room dividers ensure workers are not visually separated even while in different spaces in a main collaborative area, while hanging string lights are a warm, inviting touch.

spacious kitchen

A large communal table in the company's kitchen is an easy way to encourage community among team members, according to Lumosity co-founder Kunal Sarkar.

silent library

An intriguing section unique to Lumosity is a space called "The Library," which both looks like and follows the rules of one—vintage tomes and leather couches work hand-in-hand with enforced quiet.

modern type

Local typographers hand-painted the titles of conference rooms, which are named after different games in the app.

keeping the peace

Though the emphasis is on social collaboration, there are also spaces set aside for moments of serenity and individual work, placed in areas brightened by natural light.

yes, that's a bar

And the coup-de-grâce of Lumosity's winning offices? A full-scale, fully-stocked bar set-up illuminated by thought-bulb-like lights. It looks like the company's priority of a social, collaborative environment even extends into happy hour—making this the perfect office for work AND play.

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