Free Your Wardrobe From Its Closet Lair


In the interest of saving time in the morning, most would agree that its easier to pick out the clothes one plans to wear the next day the night before. Because waking up to a jam-packed closet and pawing through scads of clothes tangled amongst wire hangers or shoved between thick winter coats to find your outfit for the day—ain't noboby got time for that. But what if, instead of having to pick out your clothes the night before and dreading the possibility of clawing through your closet, your entire wardrobe were right in your line of sight, hanging patiently in front of you? Thanks to a new design trend edging clothes out of tiny storage spaces and into the bedroom, this query no longer has to remain a hypothetical. Beautiful, simple, outside-the-closet storage systems have taken hold as the new way to store your clothes, not only to save room in your closet for more unsightly necessities (unless they start making beautiful vacuum cleaners), but also to display clothes like you would any other decor in your home. So, time to take the leap and free your wardrobe from its closet lair—here's some inspiration to guide you:

Inspiration Image via The U Lifestyle


storage and vanity

A visible wardrobe aside a vanity is the perfect place to set up camp every morning and get ready for the day ahead. No need to go back and forth to a closet! Inspiration Image via Nash Homer

simple black set-up

See? An open storage system can even fit into the color scheme of your wardrobe—black and pale shades are très chic. Inspiration Image via HouseNumber23

driftwood branch

How simple and pretty is this hanging driftwood branch as a place to perch beloved wardrobe items? We imagine this would be an easy DIY—or, rather, we plan to see if it's an easy DIY when we install it in our spaces. Inspiration Image via The U Lifestyle

floor-length mirror

Here's an idea—a wardrobe rack beside a floor-length mirror. The set-up would make both your entire wardrobe and yourself easy to see, and bring outfit picking down to just a few minutes each morning. Inspiration Image via Architecture Art Designs.  

deconstructed space

We love how deconstructed this wardrobe area is—a stack of reading material on the floor, some boxes, a chair, and a print behind the storage system are such a winning combination. Inspiration Image via Poppytalk

a wall becomes a "closet"

Alright, so this is just clever—if you don't have a closet, this inspiration demonstrates that you can just take a wall and make it your wardrobe storage. A unifying palette of white with black accents makes this storage solution meld seamlessly into the space. Inspiration Image via Lovelle Debra.

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