DIY Vintage to Modern Lamp


At nousDECOR, we are completely in love with transformations—conceiving a look, studying the before, then watching as what you started with becomes a much more stylish version of itself. For our living room theme this month, we not only wanted to do a living room staple, but also get to revel in that before-to-after effect that looks oh-so-good on camera. A vintage lamp we picked up at a salvage shop in serious need of an update was the perfect staple on both these accounts. Check out how we transformed this lamp from blah to bangin' with just a few modern colors (black and copper) and some serious trim, and don't forget to watch our video of this project afterward: 


1. Vintage lamp

2. Black and copper spray paint

3. Scissors

4. Black rope (enough to go around the top and bottom of the shade)

5. Hot glue

6. Painter's tape

step one

Begin by taking the shade off the base and taking out your black spray paint. Spray the paint all the way around the shade.

step 2

Once finished, set the shade to dry.

step two

Next, take out your base and line the edges where you'd like to separate the colors with painter's tape. Then, spray the middle of the base with black and set to dry.

step 5

step three

Once the shade is dry, take out your scissors, black rope and hot glue to create the trim.

step four

Measure your black rope around the base and cut it where it meets on the other side.

step five

Then, hot glue it down. Repeat your rope trim on the top of the shade.

step 9

step six

Once the black spray paint on the base is dry, tape the edges and spray your copper on the other portions of the base.

Put on shade, and you're done! You're gone from vintage to modern with just a few simple changes. Place it in your living room and watch it glow.

Check out our YouTube video of this project here.

step 13

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