DIY LED Cloud Light


In a DIY kind of mood? (We know the feeling!). This week, we've got a how-to project that'll make your room or nursery into a surreal and gorgeous space.  

the inspiration

We've had our head in the clouds lately, and no doubt it's due to cool music venue  Glasslands in Brooklyn, New York. (In case you were wondering, we are not-so-secret music nerds over here at nD headquarters). Bands at this spot play below a mammoth cloud formation that's lit from the inside.

the tools

We were so inspired by the look that we decided to DIY our own little slice of this amazing artistic structure. Here are the tools you'd need to make a DIY Cloud Light: 1) Cotton batting (found at craft stores—it's the material used to stuff pillows and quilts) 2) A paper lantern 3) Fishing wire (if your paper lantern doesn't come with string—ours didn't include it) 4) Glue gun 5) Battery-powered LED light (easier and safer than a candle—we got ours at Target!)

step one

Get out your glue gun and start by triggering some hot glue onto the cotton batting. We began with this technique and discovered it didn't work as well later into the game—but at the beginning, since you can start anywhere, this works fine.

step two

Once you are further along, targeting specific areas becomes more useful. Pull the glue gun along the edge of the lantern and put some cotton batting on it asap. You have to move quickly to put the cotton on or the glue will dry before you get there. (We learned this the hard way.)

step three

Press and hold your cotton to the lantern for a few seconds to make it stick. Once it's stuck, you can fluff it out a bit to make it look more cloud-like.

step four

Keep going until you've covered the entire paper lantern.

step five

You've now got a beautiful cloud! Tie it to your string or fishing wire and make sure the cotton is fluffed in the shape you desire.

step six

Ta da! Hang it in your room or nursery and bathe everything in an ethereal light. 

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