DIY I Mini Zen Garden

We know you’re still feeling chill vibes from our meditation rooms post. Why not amp them up with a DIY Mini Zen Garden (or a few?)

The Inspiration

This quick, easy and relaxing DIY is inspired by the real ones in Japan and on secret rooftops, made using sand, a rake, and some cool patterns.

The Tools

Here are the tools you’d need to make a DIY Mini Zen Garden (clockwise from top left) 1) Some breathable bags for potting (we got ours for free from Ace—just ask for a few of the kinds of bags they use for nails. They were really nice about it!) 2) Tiny succulents in different varieties 3) A paperclip 4) Various colors of sand 5) Some pretty bowls

Step One

Cut one off one of the tops bags and repot the succulent in it. We had some extra soil on hand to ease the process, but it is not necessary.

Step Two

Place the repotted succulent in the bowl, making sure that the bag is either level with or ideally below the edge of the bowl.

Step Three

Dump in your favorite sand, all the way to the top, over the succulent. The fact that it’s in soil will make it possible to water it beneath the sand.

Step Four

Smooth the sand with a spoon or fingers. Now it’s time to garden.

Step Five

Unravel your paperclip until it’s pronged. You can even fashion a tiny makeshift rake if you add another unraveled paperclip for a third prong. We were happy with the results that came of just the two prongs.

And you’re done! They work as excellent table decor and sources of conversation.

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