DIY Salt and Pepper Shaker Key Holder


Practicality is our middle name around here. Harbor no doubt—while we love beautifying any and all objects in our DIY's, sometimes it's nice to focus on making things that are useful in addition to their lovely design. This is one of those DIY design projects we can definitely get behind for that reason.

This week, we rustled up a handy DIY key holder using ingredients from the kitchen—two salt n' pepper shakers and a cutting board were the main pieces for our look.

Image via Salt n' pepper shakers from our Pinterest

the inspiration

We were definitely inspired by all the gorgeous little salt n' pepper containers that have been cropping up lately and thought—if we don't need three sets of shakers (it's so hard to decide on just one!), why not repurpose them?

the tools

1) Two cute salt n' pepper shakers you'd like to repurpose

2) A few nails

3) Hammer

4) Picture-hanging wire (not just regular wire—picture hanging wire is much tougher, more durable and molds to shapes better)

5) A pretty cutting board

6) Wire crimping tool (not pictured). We didn't use one originally then realized how much easier it made the wire-handling tasks (specifically, cutting the wire). We highly recommend using one for this.

step one

Place your salt and pepper shakers about where you'd like them to end up on the board. This is important for determining where the nails will go.

step two

Make a tiny mark on both sides of each of the handles.

step three

Place the nail on the dots you've made and start hammering.

step four

Do this for each of the nails. Don't hammer all the way in—go about halfway. This will make it easier to wrap the wire around the nail (we learned from experience).

step five

Take two pieces of a good length of wire (if you want to be sure, the longer the better) and bend the top around the nails.

step six

Wrap the wire tightly around the nail. (And we mean tightly).

step seven

Pull the wire through the handle and wrap it the same way on the other side of the nail until the shaker is upright and steady. You may need more than one piece of wire for this. Then, once the shakers are mounted, used some more wire for the actual holders—make a loop and thread it through the shaker's opening, tying the wire into a loop to hold it in. Take the other end of the loop and wrap it inside the shaker tightly, so that the holder stays up.

Mount the cutting board to the wall with your little key holders.

Never forget your keys again.

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