DIY Hurricane Lights


In tribute to one of our most popular pins of all time, for our latest DIY project we created lovely, ambient hurricane lights. It's amazing to think that just a few battery-powered LED string lights and glass containers create such a magical results—and they were so simple to make, that we were also able to come up with three sophisticated ways to style them all year round. Check out how we made these little lights, how we styled them, and the lovely YouTube video that came out of the project below.   

the tools

1. Glasses of varying sizes (we found a few vases and a stemless wineglass at the dollar store!)

2. Battery powered LED string lights (the ones featured in this video can be found here from Bed, Bath & Beyond)

3. A wooden tray or cutting board to place everything on

step one

Start by spreading out your supplies, and putting batteries in your lights.

step two

Then, take your LED string lights and wrap them around your hand to create a spiral. The shape will hold like a spring and guarantee the lights stand up to the top within the glasses.

step three

Turn your glasses over, ensuring that your lights are standing properly.


step four

Arrange the LED hurricanes on your tray.

step five

Then, turn on your lights. And you're done! Now, time to style them.


style one: summer cocktail party

First up, we envisioned our DIY lighting up a spread at a gorgeous cocktail party. Chic nautical summer pieces and  copper Moscow Mule mugs are warm and inviting under the glow of the lights. Plus, this stunner will brighten the night and your drinking accessories as evening sets in.


style two: coffee table decor

In our second styling idea, the hurricane lights make the perfect coffee table accessory to a tray, candles and fun books. They would set the perfect ambience for guests chatting on the sofa, or for a quiet night in.

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style three: bedside night light

Finally, the DIY lights would make the perfect bedside night light, adding a soft, warm glow in a child's room as they make their way to dreamland. (They'd also make a great nightstand light for adults, too—we'd definitely want one in our rooms!).

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