DIY Floral Letters



Hope everyone is ready for some bright, eye-catching DIY decor, because it is about get colorful up in here! For our latest DIY project, the nD team was ready to decorate our new downtown San Francisco offices, but got so excited we didn't know where to start. (Needless to say, this often happens when we start thinking about decorating). We finally settled on going with a statement piece: a loud, fun, cheerful set of letters bedecked with flowers. The final result is now by far the boldest, most vibrant part of our offices—other than ourselves, of course. Learn how we spelled out a portion of our logo in funky floral letters below, then check out our DIY video of the project that came out of it at the end of the post. 



1. A gorgeous array of differently-colored fake flowers (ours were silk) 2. A set of wooden letters (ours were these from Michael's) 3. Scissors 4. Glue gun


step one

Remove the flowers from their stems.


step two

Be sure to cut off any excess stem to make the base as smooth as possible.


step three

Gather and set aside your stemless flowers in a bowl or noticeably distinguished area. (This will make your workspace cleaner so that you don't mix up the cut flowers with ones that aren't—we learned from experience!).


step four

Use the glue gun to glue the back of the flower. Put a good amount of glue on as you'll want the entirety of the flower to stand up to gravity and not droop when you hang them up (no sad flowers here!).


step five

Glue your flowers to your letters, switching up the colors and sizes of the flowers as you go along. Put the flowers as close together as possible to minimize visible white space between flowers.


Ta da—and you're done! Now admire your beautiful floral letter handiwork and hang them in a place that gets a lot of traffic. Check out our video of the project below, and enjoy injecting a little dose of color into your life. We certainly did!

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