We’ve always considered the disco ball much more than an objet d’art. It’s a statement piece that’s not only beautiful on its own, but recalls glamorous nights of the ‘70’s, when platforms were high, hair was huge, and one could always count on some Saturday night fever. These days the revolving centerpiece to the disco stage has inspired many a groovy interior and object, a look achieved by covering basic elements with those chic tiny mirrored squares. Here are our favorite recent examples of design that follows the call of the disco ball—shedding bright, refracted light as well in the home as on those nights of boogieing down.

Image via Chema Madoz

Image via Homedsgn

wall art

A much more conservative take on disco-inspired design, this piece with strings of gently rotating mirrored checks modestly recalls the era without overdoing it. The black canvas provides the perfect backdrop to this statement art.


lamp light

Whether on the base or, perhaps more interestingly, within the shade, a disco-ball inspired lamp is a great tongue-in-cheek play on disco nights, pairing the iconic mirrored party squares with a more mundane household item. Who says lamps can't get down?

Images via ELLE DECOR and FLICKR of the Cosmopolitan Hotel 

bathroom tiles

The one place in the house actually reserved for tiling, the bathroom provides a perfect entrypoint for a disco-inspired design. We love both the state-of-the-art modernized version as much as the colorful iridescent one. 

Image via English designer Alice Temperley’s Instagram

...or, bathtub!

Yes—glass pieces can be an accent, and an incredible one, too, on this old-fashioned clawfoot tub. We think bathroom tiling just got reinvented.

Image via Casasugar


Stairs so glamorous, you can’t make your way up them without “getting down.” For the stair redecorator for whom wallpaper is simply not enough.


A disco remix of the popular (and some would say oversaturated) trophy head element in design, these deer are a fresh take on the look.

Image via Chema Madoz

or, if you need to repurpose that disco ball...

An ingeniously clever accent to any den. Bonus: it still revolves!

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