Lauren Conrad's New Towel Collection Is Simple, Pretty and Philanthropic


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Lauren Conrad has become quite the lifestyle guru. From her not-so-savory origins on reality TV to more legitimate roles in fashion (with lines for Kohl), a popular blog (, and books (fiction and non-fiction), she's been able to officially cement her place as a tastemaker. These days she's moving onto home decor, where not only her style, but her goodwill has permeated to a lovely little towel collection. We're very much feeling the nice, sunny colors and stripes, which reflect her light touch. Take a look at the new collection for her global online shop The Little Market, and learn why the items are philanthropic, too:

All images via Domaine Home

colorful stripes

Stripes is the name of the game in this collection of towels sourced from and traditionally handmade in Ethiopia. Conrad's new home decor shop, The Little Market, showcases traditional artisans from around the world and partners with them to bring their gorgeous wares to patrons who can support their art.
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bright blue

This particular collection was brought to her store via a partnership with Ethiopian artisans Woven Promises, who can sustain a viable wage via the commerce from the site. These towels are simple, pretty, and philanthropic—what's not to love?

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