A Designer Shows You How to Create a Monochromatic Look


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A monochromatic look is totally polished and chic in fashion, and is pretty easy to pull off in an outfit. After all, how hard can putting together a top and bottom in the same color be? (Re: we hope not too difficult). The same notion is obstensibly not true for a room, where the idea of creating a monochromatic look is much scarier. You've got furnishings, accents, wall colors, rugs, and all other kinds of factors to account for when outfitting a space. And, as opposed to when you mess it up in your dress, if you do monochromatic wrong in a home, you're apt to make it look like an insane asylum. For those who'd love to achieve something like those gorgeous all-white spaces on Pinterest (like this space below, designed by Mark Cutler), but have no clue how to go about doing it, you're at the right place. For our latest video, our Chief Designer Mark Cutler is here to show you how.
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Mark Cutler demonstrates for the rest of us that doing a monochromatic look in a room is actually not as complex as you might think. It's not even really a skill reserved only for the biggest and boldest designers, as with a few key tricks in mind, anyone can pull off this modern and serene design trend. Find out how to do a monochromatic look via our Chief Designer below, and get ready for your spaces to become a lot less colorful (but a lot more chic!):

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