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Perfection is overrated for Brian Patrick Flynn, the multifaceted producer-designer-writer-stylist-TV personality. “We ain’t perfect; things ain’t perfect; and therefore our homes aren’t going to be perfect,” he says. As he told the team at Viyet,“Nine times out of ten, if you pick up an antique piece of accent furniture or a vintage accessory from a space I’ve designed, it’s gonna be scratched or nicked, or somewhat busted.” While you would think that this philosophy results in rustic interiors, the opposite is true: Brian’s designs have a refined feel that comes from balancing vintage pieces with rich color and clean-lined furnishings. Take, for example, this punchy pink room design for the Hamptons Showhouse.

Hamptons Showhouse - Red Living Room 1

Of course, such a well-thought-out interior doesn’t happen overnight. Brian thinks of design as a collaboration, giving his clients latitude in the project. “[The creative process is about] textiles and the process of elimination,” he says. “I start with one fabric pattern or wall covering color that both myself and the client love equally, and then I try to identify things they absolutely hate so much that they want to stab them, set them on fire, or both.”

Six words that describe my style: Transitional. Tailored. American. Attainable. Eclectic. Emotive.

Hamptons Showhouse - Red living room

While his use of vibrant color definitely catches the eye first, a closer look at Brian’s designs reveals hints of the natural world (as seen in the above vignette, which features seashell-covered lamp bases and a large vintage shell accent piece). “I’m a total introvert and spent the majority of my time out in the country. There’s something about being out in nature with a massive blue sky and bright green trees and pastures that really kick-starts my brain into playing with color, scale proportion, and texture,” he says. “This can be anywhere, from my own weekend house in the north Georgia mountains to the Austrian countryside or a cornfield in Omaha; I just really love being out in a rural landscape as long as it has good cell phone reception and available Wi-Fi.”

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn

After years of writing, producing, and directing news programs and home improvement shows, Brian Patrick Flynn tried his own hand at residential interiors, quickly earning the respect of his peers and shelter magazine editors. Brian combined his design and decorating skills with his television production experience to create FlynnsideOut Productions, a full-service production company specializing in lifestyle-related content. In addition to serving as founder, Brian also serves as executive producer, set designer, writer, and prop stylist for his projects. Brian is also a contributor and featured designer for

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All photos courtesy of Viyet

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