Get the Look of Some of the Most Beautiful AirBnB Rentals


While the site was initially created to make it easy to turn your home into a hotel, some design-loving geniuses are taking AirBnB renting to a whole new level. Think churches converted into modern living spaces, treehouses with a view of the ocean—even just pretty apartments in European cities. While we couldn't stop ogling spaces around the world the site had to offer (and, uh, booking our last-minute vacations), we also couldn't help being inspired by some of the interiors and wanting to get in on the action. So, prepare to have a little getaway envy and bring some of that around-the-world gorgeousness home via some of the prettiest spaces we scoped on the site. 

Via AirBnB

This gorgeous cabin in Lake Tahoe, California, offers ample opportunity to go swimming in the sun, hiking in the woods, and BBQ lakeside the rest of the summer long. 

summer cabin 

To get this look yourself, try the perfect balance of modern and rustic by incorporating a few contemporary pieces (such as poufs and patterns!) against a backdrop of classic traditional rustic pieces and wood furnishings.

Via AirBnB.

In Portugal, you can get transported to  seaside views and glimpse European town life while residing in this gorgeous Lisbon-based number.

modern colorful 

Get the vibe of the colorful, print-heavy looks of the region in your fabrics, then bring in a European-modern vibe with all-white furnishings. 

Via AirBnB.

It doesn't get better than a treehouse in the tropics, complete with ocean views and tons of wildlife encounters. With beautiful design to boot, it's hard not to want to book a trip to this Nicaragua rental ASAP. 

treehouse living 

Deep oranges, browns, and regional patterns help to create this tropical look. 

Via AirBnB.

Yes, if you're going to the U.K., you can actually rent out a church that's been converted into a modern and spacious abode. As in, the two images you see side-by-side are the same space. Definitely worth a jaunt to that side of Europe, if you ask us. 

converted church

While the outside may be, well, as traditional as can be, this AirBnB rental is really all about a state-of-the-art modern look. This means copying the latest style in your issue of Dwell Magazine and getting all the latest on-trend pieces (or, alternately, using some of our handy advice). 

Via AirBnB.

If you're just looking to be in the sunshine, with a view of the ocean, lying on deck chair (it's not that tall an order, okay?!) this beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico destination rental is just the place you need. On top of these amenities, you'll also get access to a colorful modern space just inside the patio (should you ever choose to leave it). 

light and beachy

This AirBnB space exudes a light, beach-y feel perfect for its location. Get in on the look with pastel-colored accents complemented by glass and sand-colored furnishings. 

Via AirBnB.

For a totally-immersed California vibe, this San Diego retreat surrounded by palm trees hits the nail on the head. Spacious, West Coast-feeling interiors greet you as you walk in, and if it gets too sunny, the rental is (of course) right near the water. 

california coast

Infuse your home with the summer-y feeling of this space via Mid-Century modern-inspired furniture and a few cool, quirky accents to match. 

Via AirBnB.

Also high on our summer destination list? Barcelona, Spain, where views of European rooftops enclose this spacious modern rental. High ceilings and carefully-curated pieces make this AirBnB listing feel quite chic. 

A Barcelona look is achieved via a few well-chosen modern pieces (to allow for space) and some unusual prints to add some character.

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