How to Design a Modern Kid's Room


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Just like with raising kids, it's up for debate whether there's a "right" way to design a room for children. Do you do lots of color? Their favorite color? Or...what about no color? What we mean by this is—what about making the room design-friendly, so that it has a longer shelf life  and introduces the kids to good design right away? To that end, a modern and fresh look in a child's space can delight and provide a place to stimulate the imagination without all the pizzazz of unicorns and rainbows and monster trucks adorning the walls.

As shown above, our Chief Designer Mark Cutler proves it's possible to make a room both kid and design-friendly, and to make both parents and young ones happy in the process. In a room he did for the child of a client, Cutler managed to add in whimsical details to an otherwise calm and peaceful room, imparting a youthful feel to the space without that chaotic, high-energy one sees in your typical child's space.

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Instead, he chose to create a calm palette as a contrast to help anchor enthusiastic, animated personalities with something a little less exuberant. With children as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as it is, modern design in a children's room can help to calm and focus energy in a productive manner. In our latest video, Mark Cutler teaches you how to design a modern kid's room, and throws out the traditional school of thought on how a child's space should look. Check out how the room above was created, and how to create many more youthful spaces like it below:

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