How to Design Your Own Fabric—and Why You Should


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by Kelly Anne Bonner Fabric is a material that appears in various forms throughout the home. It's what gives a space texture, and provides visual contrast to hard furnishings. It also offers the opportunity to have fun, as it creates a blank canvas for play. Sadly, people rarely do.    
Our Chief Designer Mark Cutler knows this all too well, and incorporated printed fabric into one of his latest projects as a way to inject fun and personality into the space. In a themed family band room, he printed the names of his client's favorite rock and roll idols on the curtains for a much groovier look.  
Bandroom curtain
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Printed fabric is a great way to customize a space to your style in a unusual and cool way. Since not many people do it, printing your own designs on fabric is a unique and personal touch that will really catch eyes when people come over. They'll probably be asking where you got it, too, and you can show them the video below as a response! Find out from Mark Cutler below how to print your own fabric, and some different ways you can make your pieces distinctly yours:

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