Delicate (Paint) Wash


Believe it or not, one of the hottest rooms right now is the one reserved for washing, and not just because you’re tumble-drying a week (or month’s) worth of clothes. Oft-overlooked as a back room of no consequence, the amount of time and stress associated with doing laundry has made many a homeowner reevaluate the look and feel of this particular space. Here are just a few examples of the new composition for washrooms, a formula which involves pairing pale and pastel colors with simple organizing solutions. Now there’s no reason not to make the laundry room a place of peace, as lovely, light and airy as those clothes you just finished drying.

Image via Lovelyish


The most user-friendly laundry room we’ve ever seen. Not only is the color palette pared down to calming grays and browns, but the display of only a few cleaning items also eradicates visual mess and stress. Plus, the ingeniously grouped laundering supplies and machines make this option a super space-saver.

Image via Home Bunch

compartmentalized, part deux

Speaking of space-savers...putting everything, including the washer and dryer, into cabinets blends the laundry room with the rest of the house, so that there’s no need to even set aside a separate space for the machines. The paintings and glass bottles are a nice touch, inviting a homey and comforting presence to the area.

Image via Chic Little House

on the shore

Make your storage items and cabinets the colors of sand and it’s almost like you’re at the beach! Just kidding. This laundry room, however, is exemplary and serene for its light colorings and all supplies kept swiftly out of sight.

Image via Elle Decor

a breath of fresh air

The idea of an indoor/outdoor laundry room almost defies logic—a space for cleaning clothes that doubles as storage for gardening supplies? This laundry room proves that it is possible, and achieves an energizing and refreshing look, with the watering cans and flowers serving as visible reminders of being outdoors (a fabulous feeling to replace the boredom of washing).

Image via Examiner


It’s amazing what a little wallpaper can do to change a small room like this one. The blue florals beside the white of the shelving and machines give the whole place a personality, while the addition of a closet for hanging just-ironed pieces is genius. Plus, a TV never hurts.

Image via Southern Living

just minted

Trimming the shelving areas with a pale color (the pastel mint here is gorgeous) infuses the room with style and a relaxed feeling, both of which are perfectly balanced by the wicker basket storage.

Image via Sarah Hartill

print addition

A flower print curtain, a stripe print rug, a map print—the graphic mixing of prints pays off with a lively and visually-interesting laundry room. With adept choices of color placement, the look is not overpowering, and helped along by neutrally-colored storage.

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