Kick Off 2016 In Style With These Decor-Related Resolutions


A new year brings new beginnings, large and small. This is a time when we get to press the restart button and make improvements to our lifestyles. While eating healthier or getting more exercise are always in favor, around here we like to focus more on our homes. In that spirit, we polled members of the NousDecor team - as well as some of our friends and partners - to find out what decor-related projects are in the queue for 2016. Read on for a sampling, and then share your own resolutions in the comments!

modern stylish home office

Lorri Dyner, Interior Designer & Blogger, Lorri Dyner Design:

I've decided to transform my office for 2016 - right now, it's dark and a mess. I'm going to make it a place I can't wait to get to in the morning: bright, beautiful and organized.

Emilee Schumer, Director of Editorial, NousDecor:

In 2016, I am determined to NOT let my twin baby boys' toys and things take over my apartment. They're six months old and getting more mobile, so this is probably a tall order... But I figure if I don't make it a priority to preserve some semblance of adult space now, it will only get harder! This is especially key given the fact that I live in a one-bedroom apartment and space is at a premium. Wish me luck!

photo display with string lights

Brigette Balagot, Social Media, NousDecor:

My decor-related New Year's resolution is to turn one of my walls into a display of photos using string and wooden clothespins! Once I'm done with that, I was hoping to add string lights to it, something like the photo above.

Jacqueline Palmer, Interior Designer & Blogger, A Design Lifestyle:

My New Year’s resolution is to de-clutter and edit. It can be hard to get rid of the "stuff", but when you finally do your space feels cleaner and more sophisticated. My rule is, if you haven't reached for it in a year, it's time to get rid of it!

home art studio

Yiqian Peng, UX Design & Multimedia, NousDecor:

My New Year's decor resolution is to be able to set up a little painting/animation work station in my new apartment. I'd love to figure out a way to divide my studio space into working and living areas. I can't wait to move my easel into the new apartment!

Gillian Lefkowitz, Interior Designer, Gillian Design:

My New Year's design resolutions relate to my life resolutions! I feel that if you have objects in your life that you have kept over the years because you feel you need to for sentimental reasons or obligation, it's time to rethink them. Objects hold memories and if you look at something and it feels bad to you, it's time to say goodbye - and thank you!

Once you are willing to let go and open up to something new that will bring you joy and be better in your living space, it will lift your spirit and bring a smile to you face every time you look at it.

I work with clients all the time that hold on to things that they don’t love, but feel beholden to them because they were a gift or cost a lot of money. It's important to bring in the new year with things that you love around you and clear out the old.

What about you? What's YOUR decor-related New Year's resolution? Share using the comments!

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