We Deconstructed the Closet of Nasty Gal Founder & CEO Sophia Amoruso


Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.09.14 PMImage via The Coveteur

Word is out that the flyest entrepreneur on the block has a book out chronicling her rocky path from anarchist to CEO. But a recent profile in the Coveteur featuring the girl(boss)-of-the-moment answered a distinctly different, yet just as compelling, question that has nothing to do with career advice. That is, what exactly does the closet of the millennial tastemaker who started and heads cool girl obsession Nasty Gal look like?  

The answer, unsurprisingly, is that the wardrobe of Sophia Amoruso is incredibly hip and so very much in tune with her brand. A peek at the photos taken in her home in Los Angeles will show you Amoruso's threads are a little funky, a little unconventional, but always fresh and resonant with the core audience that became infatuated with Nasty Gal and helped build her empire to the $100 million dollar business it is today. As we are wont to do, the nD staff just had to take apart her epic wardrobe and go through her fabulous closet piece-by-piece via our lovely moodboard builder. Check out how we deconstructed Amoruso's (girl)boss closet below, then head over to the The Coveteur to find out her inspirations, where she gets her killer clothes, and just where Nasty Gal is headed next. All images via The Coveteur

Sophia_Amoruso-34Image via The Coveteur

the closet of a girlboss

The closet of a girlboss, it appears, is meticulously stocked with vintage and modern finds. Plain storage units and a marbled dresser let the clothes take center stage.

sophia's sofa

Stripes, beige, and a cast-iron accessory set the scene for some none-other-than Nasty Gal pumps. (We like the poodle, too!).

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