Declutter and Organize Your Closet Like a Pro


The journey to a thousand miles, as they say, begins with a single step. The question often is—especially when it comes to reorganizing and decluttering the chaotic space that is your closet—what should be that first, or even second, step one should take to journeying toward a highly-efficient wardrobe? If you've found this to be your dilemma in your spring cleaning ventures—never fear. Closet design expert and guru Lisa Adams, principal of LA Closet Design, has some amazing tips for how to start whipping your closet into shape like a pro, so that you'll have not only a totally organized space for your clothes, but a fabulously good looking one as well. For those first steps toward a pro-style closet, check out Lisa Adams' expert pointers, and begin your own journey toward an envy-worthy wardrobe:

Image via courtesy of LA Closet Design

Image via courtesy of LA Closet Design

1. Hang your jewelry

Now that it’s getting warmer, you’re more likely to wear accessories! Make it a point to go through your jewelry and untangle your necklaces—it's most likely you will never wear them if they sit in your drawer tangled. Hanging your jewelry can help you see it better and stop it from tangling.

2. Organize your clothes by type and color

Spring also means you can start storing away your sweaters and coats. Organize your tops by type and color—this is a good way to see, for example, that you have nine black tank tops, and that you don't need to keep them all. I swear by Pliios, pictured here, which are a great new tool for folding t-shirts and keeping them organized.

Image via courtesy of LA Closet Design

Image via LA Closet Design Boutique

3. Light up your wardrobe

Replace your hanging rods with battery-operated lighted rods. These will also make all the difference in helping you see your wardrobe better.

4. Use purse pillows to stand up your purses

Add purse pillows to your unstructured bags to get them standing vertical on your shelves. The key is to be able to see every bag at a glance!

Image via LA Closet Design Boutique

Image via iTunes store

5. Download a storage app

You can also use apps like Items & Storage & Inventory LITE to catalog all of your prized belongings so that they can be stored, but you'll still have a reference for where they are.

6. Organize and display your shoes with baseboard

Use baseboard (you can get it from Home Depot or your local hardware store) to organize and display your shoes. It also serves a great dual-purpose as you can use it as a valet hook for hanging clothing you are deciding to wear!

Image via courtesy of LA Closet Design

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