Deck the Walls: 6 Gallery Wall Designs You Haven't Tried


The gallery wall still sparks the imagination as one of the most fun ways to add a little of your own personal touch in your home. Perhaps the best thing to hit the world of art arranging since....anything, ever, there have been tons of iterations of frame presentations playing off this delightful trend, as well as tips for how to go about creating them yourself. As many gallery walls as you've already seen floating across the web, we found a some new takes on the style that are as fresh and inspired as the very first ones that we came across, elevating the trend to new heights.

corner angle

Instead of a wall, why not try a corner? Jamming art so that it meets at an angle in the wall is a fresh and unexpected perspective for viewing a gallery of images. Image via A Beautiful Mess

just portraits

An unusual gallery wall idea is to only use only works with human subjects—a collection of art ranging from vintage photo stills to illustrations of people is captivating and different. Here, a small collection of portraits without faces effortlessly captures interest. Image via Yatzer

all lined up

This might not seem totally out of the ordinary—as a matter of fact, some might consider it a boring iteration of the trend—but simply lining portraits up on a wall (without any staggering) is not seen very often, which actually makes it a pretty divergent choice of arrangement. Lining art up frame to frame is a simple look that works perfectly in a simply designed space such as this one. Image via The Animal Print Shop

silhouettes & text

A monochromatic set-up of illustrations and text (all beige backgrounds, all black designs) is an interesting twist on the gallery wall, as the simple drawings and quotes work to uniform the look. Image via Natural Curiosities

all mirrors

Using art is the obvious choice when creating a gallery wall. But a gallery of framed mirrors is fresh and goes against the grain—plus, the reflections will visually open your space. Image via Domino

drop it low

A not oft-asked question concerning gallery walls: how low can you go? The answer shown here is, all the way to the floor, if you're feeling adventurous. We dig this novel idea of breaking conceptions of scale and simply moving down the wall as far you can go. Image via A.K. Studio

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