Today's Interior Design Guilty Pleasure? Table Lamps!


I have to admit—table lamps are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. And I’m not set on a particular kind or ones from a era. To be honest, I love them all, from the most traditional to the most contemporary of them.

So—I will share with you, readers, five of my current favorites (which may change to a different five by next week, but for now I’ll have to stick with these):

Hansel Lamp

Why?: The lightness of the cast metal frame creates a great counterpoint to the rustic nature of the design.

Where?: Perfect for a room with a view where you may need a big piece to relate to the volume of the space, but where transparency (i.e., so it doesn’t take precedence over the view) is everything.

What if?: If I could change anything it would be the shade. I believe that a shade that is not as translucent as this would create some great shadowing due to the open nature of the base. This would undoubtedly enhance the design.

Image via Arteriors Home

Sparky by Mark Cutler Design

Why?: It is an enormous challenge to find large-scale table lamp with a sense of whimsy to them that could be used in almost any room of the house. This design, based on a spark plug, is what I like to call the perfect Ninja piece—put one in your room and see the looks on your friends’ faces when they realize what they are looking at!

Where?: Well, I think the obvious choice is in a boy’s bedroom (as it is solid enough to survive any nerf ball games), but I would argue that it would also be a great addition to family room, where the slightly irreverent design would brighten up anyone’s day.

What if?: Sparky is available in any color you wish, so I encourage you to be bold. I think if you went with the turquoise or even a lemon yellow it would give the lamp a fun twist and take it in a whole new direction.

Brazilian Agate Table Lamp

Why?: For color, no one can beat Mother Nature, and this brilliant blue agate is the perfect example of a strong color that will add a pop of interest to any space.

Where?: I think that the nature of this piece is a lot like jewelry, and because of that it has a somewhat formal feel to it. My initial inclination is to use it in a more formal space like a living room. A word of warning, though: this piece is really meant to be seen from the front, so try to place it in a part of the room where you are unlikely to see it from the side or the back.

What if?: Placing it on a table by a window will give you its maximum impact, as the daylight will shine through and brighten the agate even when the lamp is not turned on.

Image via Shades of Light
Image via We

Perch Table Lamp

Why?: I think the real question is, at $69, why not! I love lamps like this, as at this price point I can buy 5 and put them in a row along a sofa table. It will look like a cool, modern collection, and not break the bank.

Where?: A lamp like this is great for a room that already has a lot going on. The total transparency allows you to add to the light level without adding to the visual clutter in the space.

What if?: Adding a cool base (even a plain saucer would do) will allow you to fill it with something fun and totally change the look. In a beach house, maybe it’s shells, in a girl’s room, maybe its plastic flowers, or in a living room over the holiday, maybe use miniature reindeer—no matter what, the extra little decor will certainly provide a talking point.

Square Lucite Lamp

Why?: I have to confess that I am in the midst of a total 80’s obsession, and what could be more emblematic of that decade than a lucite table lamp?

Where?: Any room that needs a bit of a glamorous touch would benefit from this lamp. I think it’s great for a bedside table as it is tall and substantive, but its transparency gives it a lightness too, so your tables will not feel too cluttered.

What if?: This is the kind of lamp where “too much is just enough,” so try changing out the shade to one with a long fringe or even bedazzle the shade with crystals to really add that extra kick.

Image via plexi-craft

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