Curtain Call


The bathroom can be a difficult place to incorporate design without a full-on renovation. Depending on the house (or apartment), some bathrooms are so small the best you can do is to add a couple of nice hand towels or a cool dispenser. However, one big element you can easily play around with has been having a moment lately—the shower curtain. Before now, little did designers realize how much fun there is to be had with the blank bathtub screen. Here are some bold, graphic modern shower curtains that caught our eye as playful, whimsical and the best way to brighten your day upon entering the washroom. Next time you tell us to go take a cold shower? Don’t mind if we do.

so meta

The Being John Malkovich of shower curtains. A cute little illustration of a shower, screening...a shower. We’re into the bold black and white of this one as well, and the illustrations of the fat little water droplets.

Image via IKEA

Image via Etsy shop KessinHouse

I take la over new york

What better way to show your West Coast love than with a gorgeous graphic shower curtain of the sun setting over those beautiful palms? True Angelenos know there’s no way to do it better.

Image via Fab.

I take new york over la

Here, here, New Yawkers! There’s something for you, too. For those that love the vintage feel of this photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge, and know the East Coast is where it’s at, there’s a graphic modern shower curtain awaiting you.

Image via West Elm

barbershop fancy

Speaking of old-timey, we’re obsessed with this shower curtain overlaid with beautiful vintage illustrations of classic barbershop tools. Perfect for the retro-lover (or for outfitting that bachelor pad!).

Image via Urban Outfitters

blooming color

What a whimsical and many-faceted illustration. The detail on this curtain is unbelievable—the elephant, the flowers, the formed heart-shape. The best part is the white background it’s set against, which makes the print that much more vibrant.

Image via Etsy shop KessinHouse

modern geometry

This one is so in vogue—the pops of neon, the sharp triangles. We love that the highlighter yellow is offset with much more muted colors. And, of course, the heart shape—because who doesn’t love awesome huge design prints that are also overwhelmingly functional (as a shower curtain!). I think we’ve made our case.

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