Epic Home Accessories for the Modern Pet


Homes these days are chock full of modern amenities—from ingenious storage solutions to the heating, seating (rotating?) perfect couch, the simplest, most comfortable solution for any home activity is never too far from reach. Now, the end of 2013 has taken this just one step further—since you've been all cozied out, the trend we've seen is that it's become all about your pet's amenities. We've gathered a few of the most epic home accessories for the modern pet that have started thinking in this direction—some clever, some amazing, and some that will even make your life that much more comfortable. After all, a happy pet equals a happy home, right?

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cat window

Here's gorgeous solution to the cat on the window sill who just wants a more panoramic view—introducing, the lovely cat window. We've had trouble locating this exact one (let us know in the comments if you know where to get one!), but the concept of installing a cat-friendly glass case is simply too epic a modern pet accessory not to feature.

dog cabana

The canine counterpart to the cat window? The dog cabana. For the dog that likes lounging around outside in the sun but doesn't want to get too hot (just like his owner!), the cabana provides that bit of shade to prevent overheating.

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pull out bowls

Tired of your pet's food and water constantly getting in the way in the kitchen, guests accidentally kicking or stepping in it during events? Even if you just want to assign proper eating times for your pet and not have them nibbling all day, this pull out bowl set solution in a kitchen can work wonders to alleviate all of these concerns.

dog fence window

And the canine counterpart to the cat window is the dog fence window, where he can take a look at the neighborhood without having to dig a hole under the fence. Although this might occasionally scare the casual sidewalk stroller, the dog peeking window takes care of the aforementioned hole scenario, as well as gives your dog something to look at beyond his familiar backyard.

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rocking chair

And one of our personal favorites—a rocking chair you can share with your pet! What more perfect way to relax together could there be?

cat scratch DJ

And just for fun—how epic is this cat scratcher made to look like a DJ record scratching station? While maybe not exactly an amenity, we do have to admit this thing is pretty cute, and just one more piece to add to your collection of modern pet accessories so that your pet can be as cool as you.

Image via Modcloth

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