When It Comes to Your Sofa, It's Time to Think Pink


by Kelly Anne Bonner The beauty of a colored sofa is not lost on many. But of a pink one? Now that may need some convincing. For one, several bloggers and style setters alike across the web have been investing in this unique piece. (You could say it's pretty hot right now). For two, whether it's a jewel-toned piece or much closer to a baby pink, this seating arrangement will make a bold statement in your living room, elevating the look of the whole space. For three, if you were interested in taking the plunge but unsure whether or not a blush-colored sofa is right for you, here is some inspiration to guide you to that decision. We're pretty sure that if it hasn't happened yet, by the end of this post you'll be thinking pink:

chrome and silver

In this setup, pink plays the spotlight to a set of chrome and silver accents. If it were our space, we'd add this luxurious faux fur rug and a mesmerizing painting or two. In any case, we love the palette this moodboard creates. Inspiration Image via Skandiform.

little loveseat

A little loveseat in the color is sweet and cozy—perfect for a small space. Paired with some fun prints, it's a match made in heaven. Inspiration Image via Hive Modern

glamorous pink

We mustn't forget that pink in rich colors is totally glamorous, too. In this entryway, little accents of gold and white are all you need to let this star player shine. Inspiration Image via Decorpad

retro yet modern

In this space, the addition of the salmon-color sofa is like an ultimate blending of retro and modern feeling. Old-school coffee table books and prints sit nicely beside hip pillows and a throwback sofa in a new, updated color. Inspiration Image via decor8

modern and fun

In an even bolder, modern environment, a bold pink couch fits right in. We love the eclectic mix of shapes that bring this space—and our favorite piece in it—together. Inspiration Image via Design*Sponge.

light and soothing

Finally, a faint blush-colored sofa in a big, puffy shape is soothing. We love how well it relaxes into the scene among natural wood pieces. With this one, we've shown you every iteration under the moon—there's a style for every lover of the color. Time to take the plunge! Inspiration Image via Nalle's House.

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