DIY Colorful Fall Garland


Another day, another season—as the leaves morph slowly into shades of burgundy, golden and orange, so we welcome Fall with another inspired DIY project. This week we simply gathered our tools from Nature's bounty, sweeping the streets for fallen leaves and pinecones (hint: a great part to do with the kids!). Make this easy Fall garland to inspire a month's worth of autumn decorating ideas.


The tools you need to make a colorful Fall garland:

1) Glitter

2) Yarn

3) Wire

4) Autumn leaves

5) Pinecones

6) Elmer's glue

7) Paintbrush (not pictured, to create better glue coverage)

step one

Begin by pouring glue on the bottom half of the pinecones. (This is where you will put the glitter.)

step two

Use the paintbrush to spread the glue evenly on the bottom half of the pinecone.

step three

Pour the glitter on the glue-painted end.

garland 5

Continue to glue until you have glittered all the pinecones.

garland 7

garland 8

step four

Tie the yarn around the dried pinecones.

garland 9

step five

Take the wire and wrap it around the leaf stems, weaving them into the yarn.

step six

Cut the excess wire.

And you're done! Hang it on the mantel for a festive Fall look, à la this home of one of our in-house designers. 

garland 13

garland 16 small

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