The Silver Lining


We don't like to confine ourselves too much around here. Which is why, when we were picking our color of the week, we went for a metallic over a hue you can find on the more rainbow side of the spectrum. Silver is such a versatile and unexpected player in a room's decor scheme; its sheen separates it from the pack and creates a very different feel from it closest cousin, gray. For another round of living room color ideas, try on this one for size—we promise it'll get you thinking in a different (and much more shimmery) light:

making a contemporary translation

Older models feel new when robed in the metallic color. A vanity and curved bed frame are updated when surrounded by a chromed lamp and glossy silver wallpaper.

dining accents

Silver pendants and chairs make the perfect pair in a clean, streamlined dining room. The combination is refreshing here, no?

kitchen tiling

Up the wow factor in your kitchen with brilliant silver tiling. As you can see here, you'll need little else to make it look gorgeous—the color stands well on its own.

in the entryway

Make an entryway extra stunning with an eye-catching silver ottoman. Lovely neutral birch colors and tiny details play so well against it.

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