Shrinking Violet? Not Here


All the talk about the royal baby has got us to thinking in just one hue this week. Purple has long represented royalty, but is striking in its versatility, as it can be perceived as delicate, with a touch of femininity when used in lighter shades. The luxe feel of purple makes it a go-to color for designers looking to spice things up and add drama to an interior. Without further ado, here are our favorite uses of the color this week (as an accent!) with their accompanying moodboards: Inspiration Image via design*sponge


bold accent

Now here is how you do a true bold accent. A decidedly neutral room roars to life with the addition of this single art piece, one with many gorgeous, electrifying shades of purple. Inspiration Image via Sally Wheat Interiors

softer accent

As aforementioned, lighter, lilac-y shades of purple become delicate and calming over bold and vibrant. In this room the color stands next to white in harmony rather than overpowering it. (Bonus points for the matching flower). Inspiration Image via fancylifecorner

table accent

Or is it an accent? Hard to say, considering that large map mural it's competing with. In any case, a purple table presents an unexpected twist to the dining room, one that's funky and totally in league with that gorgeous wall behind it. Inspiration Image via design*sponge

chair accent

If you don't want a purple table....why not chairs? This interior invites you to consider this as its chairs gracefully zoom out of a neutral canvas. (Love that chandelier, too). Inspiration Image via Become Gorgeous

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