Rhapsody in Blue (Decor)


We got the blues this week, and for once, it’s a good thing! Yep—shades of the calming color were charming our hearts this week, and we just had to feature it. Here are our favorite moodboards with different iterations of blue and/or blue decor. We’re feeling it already: Inspiration Image via Wall Street Journal


the modern artiste

Loving the graphic look here—especially with the in-your-face black and white. The couch and painting play a lovely, calm navy accent to the usually-neutral colors of black and white. This inspirational image shows that when the two normally-neutrals are teamed up like this, they're unstoppable, and even colors are forced to fade into the background. Inspiration Image via Emily Henderson    

dreaming in teal

Time for a song lyric: "I'm gonna pop some color..." Okay, we've decided: teal-y blue + white =  ultimate harmony. This is a universal truth. Inspiration Image via Inspire Bohemia

eclectic living room

Ah, so much going on in this inspiration image—love it. The TV mixed in with the gallery wall like just another picture? The gorgeous coffee table that looks like it just washed up on the shore and ended up in the their living room? The quirky items  in the mix (little horns, a tiny tennis racket)? How does one even process....oh, and of course all that blue. Inspiration Image via Wall Street Journal

loft(y) aspirations

The black and blue in this amazing loft setting are a match made in heaven.  Best part we’re drooling over: the two framed pieces of art, one of which joins with the lines cascading down the wall, with the punchy strokes that look like they spell “BLA.” This is the kind of interior that exceeds our expectations of what you can do with decor. Inspiration Image via Interiors by Color - Feelin’ blue this week (or always)? Send us a snap of YOUR blue interior and decor by tagging us on  Instagram or on Twitter. You may just get featured!

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