Orange Obsession


Playing with the color orange in the home can seem like one of those modern interior design ideas that could easily go awry. While there are wonderful design sites out there that make the color sing in various settings, we understand feeling uneasy about this color despite its easygoing attitude. The shade definitely has retro overtones in certain hues, and is very in-your-face in almost all hues. Here are some modern interior design ideas that use the color orange in wonderful, non-overwhelming ways. We hope you'll feel a little less fazed about working with it after taking a look at these guys. Deep breath.

coral orange is A-OK

We love the "beyond the sea" vibe of this coral orange paired with aqua blue and shell accents. The color provides the perfect pop to an entryway with interesting frames.

boudoir orange

Orange smacked on a dark palette makes for an intriguing setting. The wallpaper and the chair join forces to add some sunshine to an inky color scheme.

brilliant orange

Or, orange can be one of those colors that effectively say, "Go bold or go home." As seen with this kitchen, the effects of taking a risk with the bright color can be amazing when pulled off. We love the orange dome light as the final touch that insists orange isn't going anywhere any time soon.

contemporary in cream

Orange is so fresh with a cream palette in a contemporary living room. It provides the perfect, non-overkill accent to what could be an otherwise drab living room.

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