Go for the Gold


We can't stop talking about the luxe color that has been fogging up everyone's glasses lately across the internet. It's in DIY projects, home makeovers, accents and dip-dye additions; heck, it's even seeping its way onto fabric and textiles. But just because we're entrenched in it doesn't mean we're sick of it. In fact, we had a (golden) eye only for the hue in the past few days (especially since we've been looking for color schemes for living rooms), which is why we needed to dedicate our Friday to the color. This week, we were committed to staying golden. Inspiration Image via design chic.


worth its weight in

We're obsessed with this neutral palette dashed with absolutely rocking extras: a gold sequin pillow and a skull pillow. Seriously, why didn't we think of that? Inspiration Image via skullspiration.

all that glitters

This entryway design is visually interesting; while it would come off as stale otherwise, the glittery gold frame, lettered cloth and sphere vase catch enough attention to break up the scene. Inspiration image via Tertulia Magazine.

strike gold

Gold lines the largest objects throughout the room, which is insanely genius. If you're looking for contemporary color schemes for living rooms—here it is. Inspiration Image via Marcus Design.

all gold everything

Gold as a mirror accent is lovely and fitting. But gold as wallpaper accent? Beyond brilliant. Inspiration Image via design chic.

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