All in White


Here's the thing: going colorless is not an easy step. In fact, eradicating your home of even pops of color takes dedication—but there is some good news. Once you've committed to going white, you've opened yourself up to a cleaner-looking, more dramatic space, where you can see and feel clearer. If you've ever considered going monochromatic but were too nervous to do so, or just find yourself drawn to neutral color schemes, here is some gorgeous proof of what can be achieved by taking the plunge. Dive in to these white-hot interiors to get yourself going the pale route: Inspiration Image via My desired home.    

calm corner

Texture gives this space warmth, while the wood works perfectly with the white. Inspiration Image via seventy nine ideas.

open space

A floor-to-ceiling white living room with gorgeous picture windows just beckons to be lounged in. Love the chandelier accent, too. Inspiration Image via Decordots.


Like the earlier room, this bedroom demonstrates how texture can add interest when you're only working in a single color. The softness in this case is added, too, through working with a few shades of pale (white and off-white). Inspiration Image via IKEA.


Accenting your totally white space with gray keeps the place calm without bursts of color—such that the effect of the blank room remains. Doesn't this interior just feel breezy? (We think so!) Inspiration Image via My desired home.  

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