For those that love their life between buildings to the point that they pay homage to them indoors, or for those that appreciate the metropolis from afar, there's no denying the charm of a city skyline as decor. Whether it's about architecture or the romance implied by huddled skyscrapers, we can definitely get hip to city structures as a design element, and among one of our modern interior design ideas. We invite you to admire these spaces that bring the urban in (we know we will): Image via Jill Crawford Interiors.

vintage map

We love a bird's eye view of the city of romance as a mural. Inspiration Image via From Gardners 2 Bergers.

european scene

Or, better yet—why not an extended scene of a European street, complete with the feeling of narrow passages between buildings? Inspiration Image via Freshome.

deco pattern

The palette here set to match gothic patterned skyscrapers creates the perfect balance. Inspiration Image via Metricon.

Gotham nursery

The ideal room for a child obsessed with Batman, this Gotham-like nursery is even equipped with awesome extras (like that retro toy police car!). Inspiration Image via Design Dazzle.


Or, why not go more abstract with your city love and instead showcase big names and familiar streets? We love this interpretation on the city theme. Inspiration Image via Etsy.

minimal outline

A minimalist outline of a skyline provides the perfect "headboard" for this bedroom space. Inspiration Image via Mommo Design.


Finally, who says city skylines have to be bleak and gray? We love the romance associated with this outline of LA, featuring neutral camel tones and pops of orange. Inspiration Image via Jill Crawford Interiors.

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