City Contrast: Seattle versus Portland


Welcome to the second edition of city contrast, where we take two cities and put them head-to-head to discover similarities, differences, and how styles encapsulate cities and the people who live there.

This week we took the Northwest port cities to the challenge as the two have similar weather and landscapes, yet one could arguably say different styles and characters. Let's take a look.


First up, Seattle—home of grunge rock, never-ending rain, and a little-known coffee company that starts with an "S." Evenings and mornings of stormy skies are reflected indoors through this calming earth-tone palette, a decor scheme that meditates on nature (and the lush, verdant beauty of Seattle's outdoors) as well as splashes of dark for a brooding, thought-provoking accent (we are firm believers that contemplation takes place the most on rainy days indoors). This Seattle bedroom argues if you're going to be inside that much, you might as well be relaxed.


And here we are with Portland—home to an insistence on biking everywhere, organic food and an artsy culture satirically captured by the show Portlandia. A modern white color palette opens up this bedroom to this city of, like Seattle, Northwest beauty and open spaces. Instead of pushing for eccentricities like the show, we thought a homier, bright space captured this city's insistence on all things beautiful within and without—well-made food, biking outdoors, and love of art syncs well with this kind of mentality in Portland.

Which city are you rooting for? Did we get it right or totally wrong? Let us know in the comments below. 

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