City Contrast: Los Angeles versus New York


Welcome to the first edition of City Contrast, where we put the interior styles of cities head-to-head and compare them. We think it will be interesting to see what the differences and similarities between the two reveal—not just in terms of each city's design aesthetic, but also about the lifestyles of the people who occupy these spaces.

The first up was a must, as we knew the two dominant coastal cities with extremely dominant style personalities would be a good match. LA, meet NY.

new york

This living room presents just one iteration of what we think suits the big apple's interior taste—a traditional look with contemporary twists. Years of foundational history dominants this city that, at the same time, remains a leader in edgy, contemporary style (NYFW, anyone?). The interior we picked reflects New York as a place with a past that has not forgotten it, but also one that is consistently moving forward. Here, we love the mix of older pieces (the sofa style, the cabinet) with modern additions (the white pouf and shapely rug).

los angeles

The biggest small town in the world has a very different style m.o.—we find this living room reflects, as our partner designer Mark Cutler would say, the "indoor/outdoor lifestyle" of LA, or what you can do with a room in a city where the weather remains consistent year-round. Here we see a far less traditional—and what we would call more glamorous—style appear, with geometric patterns and a burst of color in the painting above the couch. These modern accents, too, are flanked by natural life indoors, exposed to the sunlight that is almost always available.

Did we get it right? Which style do you prefer? Sound off below. 

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