Charm a Crowd with Hand-Embroidered Hoop Art for Modern Folk


We're frankly smitten with the examples of modern embroidered hoop art we've seen as of late. Of course, any reinvention of something from a bygone era into a piece for modern times will have us as a fan—but a common thread among these items is their ability to delight us with their cute little designs. Folky yet fresh hoop art will charm the pants off any guest in your home, and act as a unique, unusual piece aside other modern decor. We're sure you're on pins and needles to see them:

java lover

A quirky little design to put over your coffee station in your kitchen, whether that be a French press or a Keurig.

geometric range

We're still not over the geometric trend, and an embroidered pattern of a mountain range keeps things interesting.

cute fruit

Here's a little teal number to hang in your kitchen shared with a loved one.

bird watching

With Darwin-esque illustrations of herbs and other species coming back into vogue, this bird portrait feels vintage and somehow modern at the same time.

travel diary

A folky, pretty illustrated hoop is just the thing for those who like design with a dreamy quality.

origami animal

A brightly-colored, angular fox is cute and stylish.

vintage bike

For those looking to weave a more vintage look into their home with hoop art, look no further than this bright woven piece.

camera ready

A flashy, "flash me" woven hoop illustration is striking in stitches.

Image via Etsy Shop mumre

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