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Six Festive Decorating Schemes to Transition From Fall to Winter

And How to Get Their Look We know the difficulties of the transition from gorgeous multi-colored leaves lining the streets to barren branches, from walking in chilly breezes to let’s-not-go-outside-today-I’m-shivering cold. These difficulties extend no less from the outside than to within—for example, how to transition those festive pumpkins and autumn wreaths into something a little […]

So Over String Lights? Here’s 6 Alternative Ways to Light Up Your Next Party

By Eva Recinos It’s party time! You’ve set up the snack table, busted out the martini glasses—but you, savvy design lover that you are, don’t want to hang up the same old string lights. We know—you want to distinguish yourself from the party-throwing pack with a one-of-a-kind alternative. But just because you want to ditch those plain, […]

7 Modern Desk Set-Ups and How to Get Their Look (Plus, One Great Idea for a Home Office)

There’s something compelling about a desk area that is not only well organized and clutter-free, but also impeccably designed. It makes sense that when your office space looks great, you’re drawn to work and more inspired from the get-go. Here are seven modern desk set-ups that have that je ne sais quois, with revelations of […]

An Insider’s Guide to “AirBnB”-ing Your Spare Room For Summer

Looking to be the most awesome host on AirBnB this summer? We bet—with all the perks that come along with renting out your space on the site, if you’ve got a spare room ready to be fixed up for guests, there’s no reason not to take advantage of all the travelers that’ll be searching for someone to host them this summer. Plus, […]

No Bad Juju Here—Just Some Beautiful Decorative Hats

by Kelly Anne Bonner The African Juju Hat—lightweight, typically made of dyed feathers, and capable of being folded neatly into a decorative piece—has experienced a huge upswing in the style world. Everywhere we look, the gorgeous, fancy topper is prominently displayed in a range of rooms in all sorts of colors. And no wonder—their versatility, […]

The Intriguing World of Cord Art

For as long as we’ve had technology integrated into our homes, the standard design solution for working with pesky cords has been to make them disappear from sight. Countless guides exist on how to hide tech extensions, as concealing them appeared to be the only fix for this problem worth knowing (heck, we’ve even done one ourselves). Questioning the cord-hiding paradigm was […]