Can Decor Affect Your Mood?


By Eva Recinos When it comes to decor, there are general rules about what to do and what not to do. But most of these relate to general trends and accepted styles rather than close thinking about how certain objects or layouts make us feel. Basically, most decor decisions happen because of exterior factors — not necessarily because we stop and think about what objects make us happiest. We realize that statement might not apply to all decor items — after all, we buy comfortable couches because they feel great to sit on — but we've noticed a few conversations specifically about decor and your mood. Does the way that you lay out a room actually make you feel more irritable? Is there a way to make conscious decor decisions that put you in a better mood? There might be a couple of things you can do to lift your spirits when you walk into your space at the end of the day. At the very least this idea is worth experimenting with next time you redesign a room.  

color_roomImage via Nuevo Estilo.

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For starters, color can play a large role not only in your decor but in your mood on any given day. The executive director of The Color Associations of the United States, Leslie Harrington, recently stated that we have an "innate reaction to color." We also naturally associate colors with certain experiences in our lives. On both a general and personal level, our minds definitely process color and trigger noticeable reactions within our body. If you paint your room in your favorite color, it will naturally make you feel relaxed and happy. If you choose a hue that you associate with discomfort or fear, it will obviously not bode well for your mood. Instead of thinking about the best color that matches your decor, it might help to think about what shade will make you feel the most happy. In addition, it seems that any form of clutter plays a large role in creating stress. Even when it comes to your favorite decor items, minimizing is key to creating a relaxed space. Feng shui experts believe in finding balance in the home. Feng shui consultant Natalia Kaylin has stated that our environment affects us more than we think. It's worth reflecting on whether you feel stressed at home even without the usual triggers; changing the layout of your space might help alleviate some of that unnecessary anxiety. Then again, there are some out there who contend that it's all psychosomatic—that is, if you think decor and colors affect your mood, then they probably will. Do you think how you decorate affects your mood, or are you more inclined to believe that it's all a matter of perspective? 

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