All's Well That Ends Well


Shakespeare got it right (of course, about everything): a great ending is essential to feeling that sense that "all is right with the world." This is no less true of a story than it is of the place where you store those tomes chock full of endings. Hey, a physical book could use an end as sturdy as, well, its own ending. We picked out some delightful, diverting bookends to give some support to all those winning texts you own—the perfect plan for interior design on a budget. Head on in to find a (book)end that's a happy one:

sly as a fox

A quirky, bright orange bookend is the perfect accessory to those sly endings.

Image via DesignAtelierArticle

Image via Bliss Home & Design

rock-solid ending

Lovely geode formations work well with written works.

in so many words

Love the typographic twist on the ends for volumes of type.

Image via ModCloth

Image via Anthropologie

salt of the earth

A woodsy stratified soil end lends a totally different vibe to a shelf.

Image via Canoe

planter end

A super functional set of ends is neat: part corkboard, part writing utensil holder, and part plant holder, too, if you choose.

under the bridge

Forge a connection between your books with a cool bridge set.

Image via DesignAtelierArticle

Image via Giraffe Bookend

And a special kudos to these whimsical, delightfully kooky bookends via Etsy shop  KnobCreekMetalArts! Some of our favorites:

Image via Photography Bookend

Image via Daredevil Bookend

Image via UFO Bookend

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