The Blanket Trend That's Taking Bedrooms By Storm


Imagine a sequin-bedecked blanket in the most gorgeous of pale colors. Heather and charcoal grays, eggshells and ivories—you get the gist. Plus, tufts of soft fur incorporated throughout. What we just described is not actually a perfectly-crafted throw formulated by designers and engineers, but rather a fascinating bit of cultural history that hails from the Berbers of Northern Africa. Moroccan wedding blankets, though gaining in popularity due to their unique and modern-looking design elements, have a far more interesting history associated with them. An engaging piece via Apartment Therapy outlines the origins of this stunning craft and just what it was meant to do—apparently, a traditional bride would wear it on her wedding night for the potentially chilly trip home and as a cloak of good luck to ward off evil. While Western interest in them has more aesthetic inclinations, knowing the traditions from which they came certainly enriches the statement they make in your home. Take a peek at some of the variations we were loving, and get ready for this trend to take your bedroom by storm.

white nights

Even if you don't hail from the land of the ice and snow, a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom with gorgeous white scheme fits in oh-so-well with hardwood. A fuzzy Moroccan wedding blanket dashed with sequins adds the perfect final touch. Inspiration Image via Lonny Magazine.

mixed with blues

A Moroccan blanket paired with navy is chic and works well with prints—as well as the texture of the  African Juju hat. Inspiration Image via Design Mom.

lots of prints

Like the opposite of the room made white by the addition of furnishings above, this room takes a white background and punches it up through print and sparkly texture—the latter through a gorgeous Moroccan blanket. Inspiration Image via At Home in Love.

so boho

We hadn't thought about it, but Moroccan wedding blankets fit in  perfectly with a boho vibe, such as in this room with a traditional rug and some laid-back accents. Inspiration Image via The White Buffalo Styling Co

glamorous blanket

Of course, we can't discount the glamorous elements of the wedding blanket—those sequins indicate that it is a  wedding, after all. The look is stunning with the blanket as center stage, supported by a chandelier and lovely set of framed artworks. Inspiration Image via designmrvl.

and pillows too!

And if you're in the market for a less prominent version of the look, there are pillows that feature similar patterns to the Moroccan wedding blanket. This look is totally worldly without going overboard. Inspiration Image via Interior Junkie.

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