Beyond the Shoe Rack: Ingenious Ways to Organize Shoes


By Eva Recinos After a long day, there's nothing quite as satisfying as kicking off your shoes. Naturally, placing your shoes in a shoe rack helps to keep them from cluttering the floor. But lately we've been yearning for more creative ways to organize shoes. As much as we appreciate a great shoe rack, we figured it might be interesting to find new ways to keep shoes together. After scouring the Internet, we found some really clever and chic ways to replace that average shoe organizer. Apart from being practical and useful, these ideas will definitely make your decor much more interesting as a whole. One thing we learned: you never know what you can repurpose for a clever use. Check out these unique ways to store shoes: Image via house to home.

rustic and chic

We've seen some creative ways to repurpose a ladder but using one as a shoe rack is especially clever. This look works especially well for a minimal yet rustic look. This room uses mostly gray and white to create a unified, stylish space. Instead of your average shoe rack, consider using a ladder that you can also style with other accents and accessories like scarfs. Inspiration Image via Superficial Girls.

colorful boxes

If you happen to find empty wooden crates, we suggest painting them fun colors and using them for storage. This look works especially well for families with little ones. Kids don't usually like putting anything away but these fun boxes might make it easier for them to keep their shoes in one place. Inspiration Image via SheKnows.

eclectic and fun

Something as simple as wood board can turn into the perfect mode for organizing shoes.  This DIY project makes it easy to create a place for your shoes that gives your decor a fun twist. Paint it your color of choice and pair with a couple of hooks to keep your entryway chic and clutter-free. Inspiration Image via Emily Henderson.

hardware storage

For a more creative approach, try using PVC pipes as shoe holders. By keeping your shoes close together in these round containers, you can avoid losing a stray shoe. We also like the idea for keeping shoes out of reach of pets. If you place these pipes pretty high on the wall, it can keep your furry friend from chomping on all your favorite shoes. Inspiration Image via WhoWhatWear.

bright and clever

Another repurposing idea that surprised us might seem really unusual to you, too: crown molding as a mode for hanging for shoes. We love the way this space plays up the unique nature of the crown molding with a bright shade of yellow. Definitely not your average way to keep shoes organized — and that will surely grab the attention of your guests. Inspiration Image via house to home.

adorable and fun

If you want to keep the kids' shoes in their rooms, we suggest this easy solution. Use a wood pallet to hold together the little one's shoes in a fun way. Decorate it with plush toys and more to make organizing more fun. We also love the idea of pairing the wood pallet with an adorable wood table and chairs. Inspiration Image via shelterness.

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