Before & After: A Soothing Master Bedroom Retreat


When you're mom of four little ones, it can be hard to steal away a moment of tranquility for yourself. That was certainly the case with a busy Dallas mom we recently worked with. After designing a series of rooms for her family, it was time to give her a space of her very own.

"The concept really was to create a sanctuary for a mother of four children," said NousDecor Chief Designer Mark Cutler. "We wanted to create one space in the house that was truly hers." We envisioned her surrounded by soothing colors and calming textures, and quickly got started on a unique design to help bring this vision to life.

The space we had to work with was limited, but that didn't stop us. We knew that color palette and style would be key to achieving the look we were after. We began the process as we always do, creating a floor plan with exact measurements, so we could furnish the space just right. 

We curated a collection of furnishings to help achieve this polished, peaceful feeling. The design revolved around a gorgeous wood sleigh bed, which lends the room a sophisticated note. We also outfitted the space with a pair of contemporary nightstands, plus two matching elegant bedside lamps. What really pulled the space together, however, was the wallpaper. It offers the space a touch of art-deco inspired glamour, and definitely serves as a contrast to some of the other decorative elements in the home that keep the space bright and kid-friendly. See the complete lineup of furnishings on the mood board we compiled for the project.

"Using a soothing color palette of soft grays, lavender, and beige, we created a room that had a feeling of retreat, and a space where she could get away from the rest of the house," Mark said. And take a look at the results. The space is elegant, yet calming. It's pretty, polished, and perfect.

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