The Pieces You Need to Recreate Some of August's Most Beautiful Pins


Breaking down a room into its essential ingredients can feel like cracking an indecipherable code. Since a space can't communicate just how its elements are coordinating so nicely, it helps to have a visualization of each of the separate pieces working in that space to spell it out for you. To that end, we created some moodboards that do just that, making it possible to see (and feast!) with our own eyes the exact ingredients that create such extraordinary looks. The elements assembled on the interactive moodboards below show, piece-by-piece, how to recreate each and every one of the most gorgeous pins we saw in August. You may have been hoping there was such a way to break the code that is the beautiful spaces you see on Pinterest; what you're about to see below shows there totally is.

casual dining

Essentially, this cafe dining area is a set of wooden IKEA chairs, a black dining table, a few copper and white pendants, and some accents. Simple, fresh, and quite easy to pull off in one's own dining room—we must say.  

newly minted

As we know, mint was still going strong in August, as shown in this otherwise minimal kitchen that made a splash in our feed. Some mint-y accents, a few silver  kitchen accessories, and a dash of color through flowers recreate this fresh look.  

bohemian vibe

Summer was about casual bohemian vibes, as evidenced by this living space. A black leather couch, a Moroccan rug, a basket and a printed vase are what pull together this look, it turns out.  

rustic kitchen

A rustic look was still the rage too, as seen in this relaxed kitchen on Pinterest. All you need is a bamboo window treatment and a few of the essential ingredients shown in this moodboard to recreate it—so simple.  

muted with mustard

A mustard throw punches up a muted, light bedroom, which is otherwise recreated via pastels and grays.  

lots of print

Expert use of print made this an eye-catching pin in August. Splashy color in the same green gradient tie together the look in the elements shown in the moodboard—and a bit of dark blue adds something unexpected.

washed out

The soft, washed-out look of this gorgeous pin is translated via some fur, some gray and white linens, and a stirring framed photograph to steal the scene.

modern splash

This modern and splashy interior plays with print, color, texture—ah! To simplify the look, this moodboard shows that restraint in color counts, and that breaking the room into its essential elements makes it so much easier to digest (and recreate!).

scandinavian-inspired dining

This Scandinavian-inspired space caught our eye in August for creating such impact with so few elements. We chalk it up to the use of bright yellow and blue amid more standard pieces—and a great mix of contrasting shapes. (Okay, so the dog didn't hurt, either).

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