These Are Some of the Most Beautiful Attic Spaces We've Ever Seen


If we could choose a room as the best guardian of secrets, it would probably be the attic. It seems that in almost every movie, characters will find deep, dark secrets buried amidst storage up there. After all, this is the space where you can throw photo albums, old clothes and more. The idea is to keep the space—and its contents—out of sight and out of mind. But what if you actually highlighted this space instead of hiding it? Recently, we noticed quite a few gorgeous photos of spaces in the attic. From workspaces to lounging areas, these layouts prove that perhaps we are totally missing the potential of this space. Check out some of our favorite unique attic spaces below—and how to recreate them.

fun kids' space

Kids can always use a little more room to play. Using a spare attic space as a place for kiddos to roam free is a great idea. This layout makes great use of an awkward space — and uses an almost all-white theme in an adorable way. 

desk in the attic

For a special refuge to get all that work done, consider taking your desk to the attic. While it might seem like a strange idea, this layout has us thinking twice. Chic and functional, it proves that you just need a bit of design imagination to make an attic space work for you. 

colorful and cozy

Transform that attic space into your favorite hangout spot with some cozy pillows and a great rug. This works especially well for a space with a window — you can read under the natural light while getting comfortable. We could also see this space working really well for a wine and cheese night.

glamorous hideaway

We didn't expect to see such fancy spaces in the attic so this room came as a pleasant — and fantastic — surprise. Just think of how your attic space would change dramatically if you added a glitzy chandelier. This space makes the chandelier the central focus point and adds a rug, white bedsheets and a bean bag to round out the look. 

fun patterns

Take your space from dull to visually interesting by mixing colors and patterns. This space uses an accent wall to complement a patterned chair and pillow. Play with the combination possibilities to get a fun look – it might make your attic the most unique part of your home. 

minimal and clean

Just because you are transforming your attic space doesn't mean you need to use a ton of decor items. Stick to the basics by using white colors, neutral throw blankets and minimal decor on the walls. This look says simple yet chic. 

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